Bust of José Martí
Bust of José Martí
The San Carlos Institute has beautiful exhibit rooms that are used to showcase permanent and traveling exhibits. Exhibits primarily focus on Cuba's history and the history of the Cuban-American community in Florida. The San Carlos' permanent exhibits include:

"The Life and Works of José Martí: 1853 - 1895"
This exhibit is a collection of photographs and documents of Cuba's legendary patriot and poet, José Martí, curated by renowned historian Carlos Ripoll Ph.D. The exhibit was donated to the San Carlos Institute by Florida International University. Its president, Dr. Modesto Maidíque, personally presented the exhibit to the San Carlos during the Institute's reopening ceremonies in 1992.

The Pichs Collection: Exploring Cuba's History through its Postal Stamps
This online exhibit, a joint project of the Smithsonian Institution and the San Carlos Institute, is based on the stamp collection of Roberto Pichs, a renowned Cuban philatelist. Co-curated by Paul Michael Taylor, Ph.D and Rafael Peñalver, Esq., the exhibit explores various faces of Cuba's history through its postal stamps. Two segments of the exhibit have already been completed:

Cuba's Pre-Philatelic Postal History, 1830-1939
This exhibit is an overview of Cuba's postal history from the pre-philatelic period to 1939. It includes folded letters (pre-philatelic covers), stamped envelopes, and historic postcards, which have never before been published.

This exhibit has text by Joseph Geraci, Philatelist (Emeritus) from the National Postal Museum, Smithsonian Institution.

Cuba's Commercial Aviation History
This exhibit is an overview of the beginnings of commercial aviation history between the United States and Cuba. It includes many envelopes and stamps commemorative of events in Cuba's aviation history and presents the research of Ronald E.G. Davies, Aviation Historian, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution.

These exhibits can be viewed at:

Portraits of Cuba's Presidents
A portrait collection featuring all of Cuba's constitutional presidents from Tomás Estrada Palma (1902) to Carlos Prío Socarras (1952). The portraits were painted by Cesar Beltrain in 1998 and donated to the San Carlos Institute.

History of the San Carlos Institute
Sponsored by American Express, this exhibit, scheduled to open in the spring of 2008, will trace the history of the San Carlos Institute from 1871 to the present. It will include artifacts, photographs, and historical materials tracing the history of this important historical landmark and the Cuban-American community's perserverence in the effort to bring freedom and democracy to their homeland.

Parties interested in presenting programs or exhibits at the San Carlos Institute should contact the President of the Board.

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